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Faroe Petroleum buys CSD licenses

Completion Services is happy to announce that yet another Norwegian operator choose to use CSD
Completion Services is happy to announce that Faroe Petroleum has decided to buy CSD software licenses. This means that Faroe Petroleum joins many of the other Norwegian operators to use the CSD well schematic software to make well diagrams for planning and development of new fields. Faroe Petroleum is an independent oil and gas company focusing principally on exploration, appraisal and production opportunities in Norway and the UK. The application will be installed at the office in Stavanger to cover the operations in Norway but the usage can be expanded at a later stage. 

About Faroe PetroleumThe Company was formed in 1997 with the establishment of Føroya Kolvetni in the Faroe Islands where the Company participated in the first Faroese licensing round in 2000.  In December 2002 Faroe Petroleum plc was established as the UK holding company for Føroya Kolvetni and the shares were admitted to trading on AIM in June 2003.  Faroe was awarded its first UK licenses in 2004 and entered Norway in 2006. 
Since inception, the Company has matured with a significant growth in its portfolio which started with two exploration licences offshore the Faroe Islands to a balanced full-cycle portfolio of exploration, appraisal, development and production assets that span Norway, the Atlantic margin and the UK North Sea.
The Company’s exploration drilling has over recent years had several significant discoveries, including Glenlivet and Tornado, UK west of Shetlands, in 2009; Fogelberg and Maria, Norway, in 2010; Oda, Norway, in 2011; Bauge, Norway, in 2013; Fenja, Norway, in 2014 and Brasse, Norway in 2016.

Completion Services is based in Stavanger, Norway and is a software company with consultancy related to development and support of the CSD application. We work with oil companies around the world and our main focus is to help the customers with centralizing and quality control of well schematics. We strongly believe that if there is a focus on this, the operations can be performed without incidents and hence the companies can save time and money. The CSD software has been developed together with Norwegian oil companies since the beginning of 1990 and it is now being used by 20 companies and in 15 countries around the world.