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Completion String Design FAQs


How much does CSD cost?

How much time does it take to install?

What is the difference between the demo version and the full license?

What kind of training is required to take full advantage of CSD?

Open dialog

There is small lock in front of the version number. What does that mean?

How do you set a schematic revision to “Read Only”?

There is a text behind the revision number. How do I insert a text like that, and how do I change it?

Can I see information about who has made changes to a well schematic?

How can I view expired wells?


I’m trying to save a completion but I can’t find the well name. What is wrong?

How can I change the revision number?

Can I add relevant handover documents to my well, and should I?

What is the difference between “Tubing install date” and “Operation Finish Date”?

How can I change a well to Existing/Actual?


How do I insert a plug into the tubing?

How do I set a plug in a liner?

What is CSD Scale OD?

I created a wellbore by mistake. How do I delete it?

Equipment database

Should I create database parts for tubulars like tubings, pup joints, flow couplings and cross-overs?

What is the difference between Generic Items and items registered in the equipment database?

Can I create new parts in the equipment database?


Is there a user guide for CSD?

Can two users open the same well schematic and make modifications to it?

I can't find neither Toolbox or Part Explorer. What has happened?

The length of items in the schematics is shown in feet. Can I choose to see it in meters instead?

When I try to print to PDF the schematic looks strange. How can I get a better printout?


Is it possible to get the sketch to be drawn according to the survey data that has been imported?

When I insert a small plug into a long tubing section it is not displayed. What is wrong?

What is the difference between “Toolbox” and “Part Explorer”?

Can I delete a well completion?

What happens if I delete a schematic by accident?

Can I get support?

Is there auto save functionality in CSD?

How can I delete a user in CSD?

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