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Completion Services was started with the vision of being the global wellbore diagram specialists.

Realising that operators are losing money on failed well interventions and workovers due to incorrect wellbore diagrams. It was also evident that completion engineers were often using their most valuable resource (time) to locate up to date schematics and confirm well data.

Completion Services took up the challenge to solve these problems and improve the profitability of the completion departments of their clients.

Since the inception of the company in 1994, Completion Services has worked with the leading Norwegian operator to dramatically drive down errors made during well operations. Combining the powerful software solution - Completion String Design and their highly specific Quality Assurance process, Completion Services gives their clients peace of mind with their schematics.

As a result of this they are now specialists in the field of creation and quality assurance of wellbore schematics. Providing numerous operators with increased confidence in their well operations.

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