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Completion String Design - CSD

Completion String Design is a user friendly well completion software solution that allows you to quickly and accurately create a completion string schematic.

It also allows you to track components that have been used across multiple wells and quickly isolate them should a problem occur.



With an accurate representation of dimensions CSD allows you to see the schematic more clearly.

Graphical Outputs

View the well on a 3D axis at the click of a button. Get a visual sense of the well path.

User Friendly

Drag and drop string construction. Simple and easy to use interface. Quickly create accurate and reliable schematics.


All data stored in one place. Easy access to well history. All versions of the well in one place. Can see how many times a well has been worked over. Easy to attach documents to the well. Easy to find assembly drawings. Single point of access for all schematics. Most up to date version is available on the centralised database. Reduces frustration, find data faster.

User Access

Available for all users. Everybody has access to latest, correct schematics.

Quality verified

Trust the data. Don’t waste time verifying that the data is correct.

Completion Tool Item Tracking

Track specific items. Instantly find other wells with the same equipment.

Should equipment failure occur you can then quickly find other instances of the same equipment and make more informed decisions. 

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