Easy access to up to date drawings and downhole data

Well Schematic Software & QA

We centralize and assure the quality of completion schematics for all sizes of oil companies worldwide


We are Completion Services

Provider of the world leading Completion Schematic drawing tool: CSD - Completion String Design

Well Completion Diagram Quality Assurance and Software Solutions

Completion Services is a Well Completion Diagram Quality Assurance and Software Solutions business working with small, medium and large oil companies throughout the world that are looking to centralize and quality assure their completion schematics. Resulting in easy access to what is actually downhole, and the most up to date drawings.

We focus not only on providing an up to date and user-friendly software solution (CSD), but also on ensuring the quality of the diagrams that are produced. Giving our clients greater peace of mind prior to and during well interventions.

With a combined total of over 50 years managing well completion data we can work with your organization to provide fast and reliable schematics.