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Completion String Schematic - Quality Assurance Solution

As an oil field is developed the number of wells that are completed often increases. We have found over time, control of completion string schematics becomes more and more difficult. Completion engineers have less time to focus on maintaining up to date schematic diagrams and the latest version of the diagram becomes difficult to locate.

In order to ensure that a schematic is up to date and contains reliable data prior to a well intervention, the completion engineer must invest a significant amount of time before work commences. Focus is removed from their core engineering tasks and frustration often occurs.

Using the QA process that we have perfected over the last 15 years, we will give you the confidence that your schematics will be the most up to date and accurate version available.

Our clients rely on us to remove the stress from their day and give them comfort in knowing that they will not encounter anything unexpected during their operations.

The Quality Assurance Solution offers a systematic monitoring of your completion string schematics that ensures up to date, accurate information to be available in seconds.

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