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Det Norske chooses CSD (Completion String Design)

After a long evaluation period, Det Norske has decided to purchase the CSD (Completion String Design) application provided by Completion Services. The software application CSD takes care of all well schematics, well history and well documents and will be used by Det Norske employees both in Oslo and Trondheim.
Gard Karlsen, co-founder of Completion Services, says: “We are proud of the fact that Det Norske has decided to join the CSD family. This proves that our strategy of making an easy to use software for end-users but yet advanced in order to take care of all new technology that oil companies chooses to use in the development of new fields and wells has paid of. CSD is already in use in companies like Statoil, DONG Energy, Carigali Hess (Malaysia), Oil Search Limited (Australia) and I’m sure that also Det Norske will see the benefit of having this application in the long run. It also shows that the CSD application can be used by both very large oil companies and the smaller ones that are just starting to get wells in production"