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CSD cloud solution

Completion Services can now offer a CSD cloud solution
Over the last few years there has been lots of changes within the oil industry. Oil companies around the world are trying to make processes and solutions more effective to be more cost conscious as the oil price has gone down. Due to this, Completion Services has worked together with Cloudservices to make CSD available on Microsoft Azure and this means that we can now offer CSD as a cloud based application. What are the advantages for you? 
  •  easier installation and no need for servers/SQLServer databases
  •  no need to think about backup of the database and in-house IT support
  •  Completion Services can perform support and upgrades easier
  •  CSD is always available as long as you have access to the Internet
  •  it is a scalable solution. You can start with just a couple of users and expand when there is a need for this

This is a solution that is especially ideal for smaller organizations that don't want to tie up resources to IT operations and to expensive hardware! Please get in touch with us on info@csd.as if you want more information about our cloud based solution for CSD!