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WellDog buys a CSD license

First company in USA to use CSD
Completion Services is happy to announce that WellDog has decided to use CSD! They are the first company in the USA to buy a CSD license and we are extremely pleased to see that there is a huge potential for the CSD application in the American market. We look forward to working with WellDog in the years to come and we hope that other American companies will follow to join the CSD family.

About WellDog:
"WellDog is a privately held company focused on using innovative technologies to improve exploration and production of oil, gas and alternative energy resources. WellDog started as an effort in 1999 to develop a Raman spectrometer capable of detecting trace hydrocarbons effluent from gas hydrates that occur naturally in the deep ocean. The company subsequently applied that platform sensing technology to solve key challenges in unconventional natural gas production. Today, the company is a leading provider of innovative, integrated technical services and products to the oil, gas and alternative energy industries." Please read more about them on the WellDog web page.
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