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Roc Oil Malaysia explores CSD

Roc Oil Malaysia will run a trial version of CSD for the next few months
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Completion Services is pleased to announce that Roc Oil Malaysia will run a trial version of CSD until early 2018. The installation has already been carried out and well schematic templates has been created together with personnel from Roc Oil. CTO Olav Beisland says "The installation was a breeze due to the highly skilled IT team at Roc Oil. We are also pleased but not surprised, to see that CSD covers all of Roc Oil's well designs. These designs will now function as templates for the completion/intervention team and they will be able to create the rest of well schematics quickly and efficiently. We are quite confident that the CSD database can visualize the well designs in a far better way than Excel/PowerPoint and with information in the CSD database, it is very easy to extract information to reports or web portals". 

CSD is already in use in Malaysia by CarigaliHess and Lundin and we look forward to welcoming Roc Oil Malaysia to the CSD family. Please read more about Roc Oil Malaysia on their page.
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