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There are some exciting new functions in the new version of CSD. The main new feature is a brand new sketch!
Over the years over philosophy has always been the same: to make an outstanding well schematic software that gives the end users the ability to produce the well sketches in an easy way, while presenting a good overview of the details. We want CSD to be useful for presentation of the well schematics but it is also a working tool used for planning new operation and for storing well history. We try to develop the application with this in mind! This means that the concept of the application has not changed much over the last 10 years – but we introduce new features that can make CSD an even better product. In the new version we have some small but exciting news! Please have a look at the news below and get in touch on support@csd.as if you want to upgrade CSD or if you need help from us for QA/QC, training, creating reports etc.

Part Failure registration
In version 8 of CSD we introduced the option of part failure registration. This means that you can indicate if you have made a new revision because a part has failed and you can enter details regarding the failure. Once the failure has been registered, this will be indicated with a warning sign in Symbol Extra Info! Just click on the icon and you will be taken to the Part Failure screen.

The failures will be stored in the CSD database! Later on, you will be able to run reports to see which part fails, is there certain vendors that are more involved with failures etc. The example below shows which failures by type of equipment that led to barrier breach.

Reports in CSD
The CSD database contains a lot of information! There are information about parts, control lines, perforation intervals, inserted valves and the list goes on. It is possible to extract all data from the CSD database! Would you like to get a list of all the wells that contains dummy valves? Or a report that shows you wells containing GLV’s that are inserted deeper than 750 meters? Or how many active wells you have and their status? The list and possibilities are endless! Let us know what you are looking for and we can help you build the reports or help you integrate CSD with a web portal to visualize the information with the use of e.g. Spotfire.

Part documents
It is possible to import documents both to the well (in Well Document) and to Parts. In the past it has not been that easy to see which parts that has attached documentation. This is now solved with a small paperclip in Symbol extra info! Click on the paperclip icon and it will bring you to the list of documents that are linked to this part number!

The biggest update to the new version of CSD is the introduction of sketch templates. In the past the end user would make a CSD schematic and this would lead to a CSD Sketch. The sketch used a CSD scaling method that emphasized on certain important elements while reducing the size of tubulars (e.g. long tubing sections). This was good for presentations but could also be misleading as elements was displayed with the wrong angle and it didn’t help to stretch out the whole sketch. Due to this we have introduced new sketch templates which allows us to make several templates that can be used for different situations. The templates are configured by Completion Services and chosen by the end user in Sketch. The sketch templates were made in cooperation with Statoil as their intervention team wanted more focus on ID’s, OD’s and restrictions in connection with interventions.

As seen in the examples below, the sketch can look very different according to what need you have. We are now able to customize the sketch to your need in terms of scaling, colors, font sizes etc. We will also be able to provide a sketch template that excludes the parts and hence you will get a casing diagram that includes information regarding cement, formations, perforations, hole size etc.

Here is an example of how one well can look different based on which templates you use. First of all the traditional sketch

We can now make it to have a special focus on ID's and OD's

With focus on just casing and cement
the most up to date drawings at hand
fast and reliable completion schematics
easy to use, yet sophisticated software
all size of oil companies around the world

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