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We are looking for a new employee that can help us with well schematics quality assurance
Completion Services as is looking to hire one new employee in 2013. Completion Services is a Stavanger based company that supplies software and services to oil companies in Norway and around the world. Please check out our website http://www.csd.as for more information about the company and our customers.

The job
We are looking for a person that can verify the quality of old well completion schematics for a customer and make sure that these are correct. The schematics will be verified using the customer drilling database, old assembly drawings, tallies and any other information that are available. You will also be asked to do other tasks such as: customer support, documentation, software testing, training etc.

We are looking to hire people right away! We understand that you might only be able to work part time if you are in the middle of your studies - but we will expect you to work 100% after graduation.  It will be a 1 year contract to start with!

We are looking for students that will finish the bachelor studies in the summer of 2013 and we are primarily looking for students who are finishing a bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering. You do not need to be able to understand Norwegian for this job but it is an advantage. As you might be asked to write documentation, your written English must be good.

We are looking for a person with an eye for details, that can be methodical and that can work independently. Training will be given for the quality assurance of the well schematics.

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