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Completion Services becomes an INTSOK member
Completion Services has decided to become a member of INTSOK. Gard Karlsen, co-founder of Completion Services, says: “We have decided to become a member of INTSOK as a part of our internationalization and to be able to reach new markets around the globe.  We know that it is hard to penetrate new markets without the right contacts and without information about market opportunities. We look forward to working with INTSOK in order to expand our business to new areas of the world”

From the INTSOK homepage "INTSOK - Norwegian Oil and Gas Partners - was established in 1997 by the Norwegian oil and gas industry and the Norwegian Government. The upstream oil and gas sector is a vital element in the Norwegian economy, providing employment for some 250.000 people directly and indirectly in Norway. INTSOK's objective is to work with companies throughout the industry to expand the business activities in the international oil and gas markets on the basis of the industry’s leading edge experience, technology and expertise.
The industry has developed competitive, high quality products and services in one of the most demanding oil and gas provinces in the world, the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
INTSOK is an effective vehicle for promoting the Norwegian offshore industry’s capabilities to key clients in overseas markets and providing market information to its partners. The focus on global opportunities is increasing, not only amongst large Norwegian companies but also amongst small and medium-sized enterprises." You can read more about INTSOK on the company homepage.
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