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CSD has been hacked in Iran

We recently experienced that the CSD software was hacked in Iran
We recently got a CSD support request by e-mail from an individual in Iran that said “First of all, I would like to appreciate the excellent effort you have put through to develop such an amazing software. Our company has just started shifting toward CSD for drawing well sketches, thanks to the good looking sketches provided by your software” We are flattered to hear that end-users appreciates the CSD software and that they think it is an amazing software. Unfortunately, we could not give proper feedback as he is running on a hacked version on CSD! We are also flattered to see that the CSD software is so amazing that it is worth hacking! But without license money and annual maintenance fees we would not be able to develop this amazing software. I would strongly recommend all companies to run legitimate software including a legitimate license of CSD. If you have a license of CSD you will get support by e-mail and phone, updates and bugfixes and access to get new versions with brand new functionality. We look forward to welcoming this individual as a customer of CSD and it will be our pleasure to help him if he has any support questions.

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