CSD 8.6 Release Notes

ID Title State Description
64 Sketch text - be able to reclaim a sigle text that has been deleted Done Sketch text - be able to reclaim a sigle text that has been deleted. Today one has to choose Reset all text, causing all original Sketch text to reappear, ans all custom texts to be deleted.
66 Sketch text - Custom Sketch text templates for different customers and different equipment Done Should be able to create Sketch text templates for the different customers and different equipment, i.e. Casing v.s. compl. equipment; how the default tags are set up. From Storengy: I realize you can enter the code <TVD_TOP> and <TVD_BOTTOM> into the annotation text, however this method takes a lot of time when we have 10+ formations per well and hundreds of wells. When it comes to the annotations on tools and casing string, you are referring to the Sketch texts, like above? Yes, we would like the Sketch texts to automatically displaySize, Weight, Grade, Connection, Description @ Depth MD/Depth TVD etc if that is possible. It would be nice to be able to pick what to see in the sketch text for casing separate from tools as we may want to display different data in the sketch text for casing than for stuff in the toolbox. The sketch text data we are wanting to display may also be different from well to well.
110 Datum vs Air Gap Done
171 Well head description in codetables not in databoxes/print out Done The description box in the codetables for well head(and some other code tables) is not shown anywhere in the well data or report. Should be an optional choice in the Report box layout.
174 Save blank Completion History instance Done One should not be able to save a blank Completion History instance. It should not be saved if it contains no data.
184 Document dialog - list position after delete folder is incorrect Done
227 If TD is not registered, CSD could use the deepest value of well hole Done
238 CSD crashes when using undo after save as Done
242 Element missing in print report Done When the string is running over more than one page, a small part of the string(usually one element) between the last element on page 1, and the first element on page 2 disappears somewhere in between.
249 Redesign of URL document handling in CSD Done * Redesign of URL document handling in CSD. * Use Backspace as hotkey for the "Up" button, when focus is in the document list. * Look into using Windows Explorer treestructure for the document handling gui. * fixed  When deleting a second document in the Documents window, one gets the error message "Driver not capable".
254 PLug back TD not showing properly in sketch if Casing depth = Well hole depth = TD Done If casing bottom, well hole bottom and TD = same, the PBTD will only barely be visible between the outside of the casing and the well hole. Workaround is to add 0.001m to the well hole.
256 Failure on equipment (part) Done Add functionality to register failure on equipment.
264 External Provider - remove mapping Done 13.10.2016 KFA - After choosing Delete Mapping, the mapping seems still active, but doesn't load at completion open. 1) When a wellbore is unmapped in CSD, the yellow textline "External Datasource - DBR" must not show in the Well and Completion Attributes dialog. 2) When opening a well schematic; must check in the EXTERNAL_WELL table if a well is mapped, not on SYNC_ DATA / SYNC_STATUS in the PERFORATION_SET table etc. 3) When a wellbore is unmapped; maybe delete the SYNC_ DATA / SYNC_STATUS entries in the CSD tables or set SYNC_STATUS to 0?
271 Report Done
273 Operator logo in header Done I believe this works if you close reopen the completion. Please retest. 1) If a field has another operator than default, the default operator logo still shows in the print-out header. 2) One should also be able to change operator to an existing field. Screenshots in attached document.
274 Control line does not hit its element Done
275 Sketch texts are always limited to 254 Done
291 Better check in connection with upgrade scripts Done There should be checks in connection with running upgrade scripts to make sure that the customers run the necessary scripts when upgrading.
297 Well & System Document Folder structure Done We may look into the scope of incorporate a Windows Explorer plugin for CSD Well & System Documents handling.
320 Possibility for drilling engineers to view only well hole, casing, cement on a completed well Done After talking to a drilling engineer at Statoil, he asked about viewing only well hole, casing, cement and so on, without completion on an actual/as run well. In sketch mode users are able to tick of the equipment that they don't want to see. Hidden equipment is then replaced by tubing. (Ref. attachment). Would it be possible to create a box where as in this example drilling engineers can tick of all equipment in a well to be hidden and only show well hole, casing, cement, and so on. Basically same method that is available now in CSD, but only to include hiding of tubing as well. This is to be used on existing wells that are already completed. Drilling engineer has been informed that it's possible to create new revision with a comment and remove all equipment. But this might create a confusion on existing/actual wells.
328 Yellow top-marker continues to show after Save As. Done
351 Message: The completion has been locked(marked as read only...) after saving from read only revision. Done
352 Edit, Copy All - should exclude Survey Data Done Edit, Copy All - should exclude Survey Data.
354 Remanufacture glob___DDX_RealTextDepth_MSLBasedValue into glob___DDX_RealTextDepthMSL Done
362 Equipment failure Done Teste Ta vekk dagens pulled date, og endre Failure date til Pulled date. I samme sleng bør «forslaget» til days in production regnes ut fra pulled date og installed date – ikke operation finish date.
371 Docking window with the wellpath Done 2017.07.11 - KFA: Can not see the docking window. How to enable? This is because in terminal server/ Azure environment the current wellpath view is too slow. We need a small dockable box with a simplified view of the trajectory to spin around to select the viewpoint for the sketch
375 Mapping of codes (integrity check) returns 0 when not found, should maybe return -1? Done
376 ExternalProvider: when un-mapping a well, the data is still not editable Done
380 Running chinese CSD version 8.4 or higher causes a crash Done
383 Switch of language will not trigger a DeleteWorkspace, which is essential to get correct language in all UI elements Done
389 Casing Window (and other attributes) draw order Done
394 Eq. failure - check for registered failure if Save Reason is Failure of Component Done You are not allowed to save as new revision, choosing Failure of Component as Save Reason, if no failure is registered on the revision you are saving from. Then you have to abort, then register the failure on a completion component, then save again as a new revision, replacing the failed component.
408 Add Formation Name column in Schematic Done Når vi nå planlegger P&A på Gyda og Varg og REV er det nyttig å se hvor de forskjellige formasjonene ligger relativt til completion komponentene. Formation kan idag også vises i main wellbore view – men navnet på formasjonen vises ikke. Kan en lage en egen kolonne definert i set-up som kalles «Formation name» - er det mye jobb? Per Ove
420 Formation texture preview in Formation tab Done It would be handy to be able to view the Formation texture when scrolling through the formations entered. It's then easy to spot missing texture on a formation.
424 Explanatory user message when trying to upload oversized well / system document. Done Repsol did experience CSD crash or the "Data truncated" error message when trying to upload / open well documents exceeding the MaxSizeDocument value. Would it be possible to instead show an explanatory message to user, and prevent the "Data truncated" or "CSD has stopped working" message / incident?
436 CSD86: sketch template Done
440 Warning message when changing symbol on existing part Done You should get a warning message when you change the symbol of an already existing part. "Do you really wish to change the symbol of this part?"
445 "Create New Part From This Data" when selected goes to "search" tab instead of "Data" tab Done When clicking on "Create New Part From This Data" for a generic part, instead of going to "Data" Tab for the part, "Search" Tab is opened first. It might be better if going directly to Data Tab. Ref. attachments.
447 Adjust info text in Data Tab Done Text adjustment...In prevous version written text was ...each element. Seems that the text is adjusted in version 8.5
456 Formation Dropdown Done 1) Well & Completion Attributes, Formation tab, Formation dropdown: Expand the formation dropdown to 32 characthers to show the full Formation name / DESCR.
460 Depth of control line is stated as MD Top in green boxes Done In the green boxes the depth of a control line is stated as MD Top. However the depth refer to the item where the control line is registered and is usually MD bottom - Most control lines goes from one item in the string to "Top". Should be called MD bottom, or just MD?
475 "Encountered an improper argument" Done
478 The WellPathBox (new simplified wellpath) only show one lateral for multilaterals Done
479 TS - Change font color when marking a row in Schematic. Done It is a problem when running CSD on TS, that the font is not visible when marking it in Schematic. The main font should change color to white when selected, and the inserted eq. and secondary string text should change to appear more viewable. Note: This is OK in TS Sketch font, but do not change color i PC client Sketch.
482 Logging of document actions (in CSD and CSDDocDrive). Done 08.11.2017 - KFAD: Do I have to run a db script to view document log items in the Log dialog? Log document actions (new, update / edit, move, delete).
483 Mark TD with External data, and grey out TD data box Done 2017.12.06 - KFAD: Tested OK. Although TD is imported from DBR there is no message indicating this, and the data box is open for editing. So if you change TD and save the revision, the TD seems to be altered. But when you reopen the well, the TD is of course again imported from DBR. It should be indicated that the TD is imported like the rest of the imported data, and the data box should be disabled for editing.
485 Add "Failure date" in Failure dialog Done When registering failures on equipment in the completion string it is more relevant to have a failure date, than a pull date( which is used for inserted equipment failures). We should keep the pull date, and add a new data box for Failure date in the failure dialog.
486 Report Template dialog: after adding column for type, changing the description goes int othe wrong column Done
488 After pressing the refresh button in part explorer, CSD crashes Done
489 Error when saving revision after «copy all» Done
490 CSD crash when opening NO 34/11-A-1 Done
491 Add input field for MD Top and Serial NO in Failure dialog Done MD Top and Serial number of selected part should be displayed in Failure dialog to be able to identify which part has failed. Must be editable for cases where failures are registered directly from Part dialog.  
492 Add "Register failure" to menu when right clicking element in schematic Done There should be a "Register failure" option when right clicking an element in the schematic, which when selected should open the failure dialog. Same option in Inserted equipment dialog for failure registration of inserted equipment.
493 Schematic "freeze" temporarily Done
494 Handling ampersand in DBR integration Done
496 Dynamic Attribute loading from XML for inserted equipment Done
497 Dynamic Attributes loading from XML Done
500 Memory leak when exiting CSD due to the DbChanges thread Done
501 Parent wellbore dropdown - increase width Done
503 Error message from DBR when opening Smørbukk 6506/12-K-1 H Done
504 PDF/image cuts off the information within the "Description" and "Comments" columns Done
505 Sketch wellhole will sometimes draw irregular "lines" when the curve is too steep Done
506 Add "Register failure" in inserted equipment dialog Done There should be a "Register failure" option in Inserted equipment dialog for failure registration of inserted equipment.
507 Add "Documents" to menu when right clicking element in schematic Done There should be a "Documents" option when right clicking an element in the schematic, which when selected should open the failure dialog.
508 Documents: display paper clip icon in symbol extra info column Done Dpaper clip icon in symbol extra info column for elements containing documents
513 Revisjon marked with eq. failure. - warning sign. Done Explorer / File Open dialog: A revisjon containing a symbol marked with eq. failure, should have the warning triangle icon attaced, instead of the well "Expired" icon.
514 Use a warning overlay icon in open tree Done When a completion has failure parts, use a warning overlay icon in open tree instead of the expired overlay
515 Sketch template - text visible tag Done Report Template - Sketch template: Implement Font Visible="true/false" tag.
516 Sketch - remove space at left side Done Can be achieved by holding down shift while pressing arrow keys to move the control points Remove unused whitespace at the left side og the Sketch drawing.
519 Under reamed section Done On well Hedrun Subsea NO 6507/8-D-1 BH I discovered that there was an under reamed section. This is newly completed well, but for some reason an under reamed section is shown. Could be that the section followed when copying from an older well. In addition when looking at print preview data box with under reamed interval is displayed. Screen shot attached.
521 Embed a website inside the CSD startup frame. Done Link to a website at csd.as, containing help material, links to different dokumentation etc.
525 Part / Document & Data Done
526 Sketch anchor lines configurable from template Done Sketch anchor lines configurable from template
528 Change Text in item menu from "Failure..." to "Part Failure..." Done The text you click on to get to the Failure dialog in the item menu(Right click item in schematic) now says "Failure...", While the text on the box you click to get to same dialog in Inserted equipment dialog says "Part failure". They should be the same both places - Part failure. This is also a request from Statoil.
531 Sketch annotation with image Done
537 Ampersand in Schematic Done Ampersand does not show in the Schematic grid, i.e. in the Description or Comments column. Also note showing in the Properties tool-tip text.
538 Well & Completion Data - invalid dates. Done Solution: System Setting 'MinDate' - default: 01.01.1980. 1) It should not be allowed to enter invalid dates in the following input fields in the Well & Completion Data - General Data dialog: Operation Finish Date, Tubing Install Date and Prepared Date. (See fig. below). Looks like there is a test on day and month, but nor year. I.e. one are allowed to save the date 01.02.209, but not the date 29.02.2017 - (29. of february occures in 2016 and 2020 etc.). 2) Same goes for the dialog Datum, input field; Date. 3) And the History dialog, Date column.
539 P&A menu item Done CSD Top menu: Data, -> PA, should change to -> P&A, (preferably following the database text).
541 Sketch crash with no elements Done
542 Start Page as View menu item. Done Insert a meny item in the View section: "Start Page".
543 Hide paperclip- and red warning triangle signs from printout. Done Hide paperclip- and red warning triangle signs from printout.
544 Part failure - save as and inserted equipment (as spec'ed by Espen) Done
545 Use operation finish date in web service call Done
546 DBR mapping of multilateral wells - map each lateral separately Done
547 Casing cement do not show in Schematic. Done
548 DBR import: Not be able to press New and insert data which will be overwritten. Done DBR - CSD import: Not be able to press New and insert data which will be overwritten. This is regarding the perforation, casing, formation and well hole tab.
549 In sync does not lock data in WellData Done
550 When data in sync with DBR, the New and Paste buttons should be disabled in the dialog box and WellDataExplorer Done
552 "New" Button greyed out for some tabs in Well & Completion Attributes Done In Well & Completion Attrributes, "New" button is greyed out. It is not possible to click on the button and add info. "Delete" and "Update" button work. Tabs that are affected by this are, Casing, Well Hole, Perforation and Cement Plug. This occured after mapping and then unmapping a well. The issue affects unmapped wells as well. ( This is occuring in CSD - 21.06.2018 )
553 Unable to add data in Well hole, Casing ++ dialogs in newest CSD version Done
554 Paste XML from text Done When trying to paste an xml from text CSD assumes the text is comma separated. Check if text starts with <?xml and then run the SerializeFromXml method
559 Save as dialog box changes Done Ser nå at det faktisk går an å lagre direkte som Existing også for Save type ‘Non-operational change’, dersom man kan trikset med å ta bort avkrysningen for Save as Plan mens man står på valget ‘Well Intervention’, og så skifter til ‘Non-operational change’…..! Er beklageligvis uenig med min egen spec, som sa at det for ‘Non-operational change’ ikke skal være mulig å gå rett i Existing. Tvert imot synes jeg dette skal være mulig uten å kunne trikset i Ludo! Ønsker følgelig samme løsning for ‘Non-operational change’ som for ‘Well intervention’, altså at følgende mulighet skal finnes: Kan dere få fikset dette? PS: Er en skrivefeil i ‘Well Intervention’. Det er skrevet med 2 r’er i stedet for 1! Og så synes jeg personlig at det blir en litt rotete miks av store og små forbokstaver for de ulike valgene under Save type. Forslaget mitt er at det er stor forbokstav kun i første ord for hvert av valgene.
561 Load symbols through Cdim Done When network has high latency, the loading of symbols is really slow. Try to load through Cdim instead
562 Re-engineer CObListDynamicAttributeValues to use bulk loading Done It is a problem when initially starting CSD that loading this table is very slow.  - ok;  bulk loading  - ok; removed  COMMENTS column from recordset
563 Re-activate fields for pressure test ++ in part Done
564 x64 bit cleanup - all keys to LONG_PTR etc Done
566 Memory leak when loading casings from external provider, AND we need to remove duplicates or merge casings Done
567 WellPath should save rotation/translation pr wellbore, but it doesn't Done
571 Sketch template: when scaling is ElementSketch, one too many sketch point is added at the bottom Done
572 Memory leak: CSketchTemplateScalePoint Done
576 Sync (external) of survey point and mineral zone Done
577 Control line page: element dropdown list needs to rescale column widths Done
578 Remove all excess code regarding _DATA_ON_WELL_COMPLETION_OBJECT Done
579 Sketch "align and sort" makes very big intervals between texts Done
580 Do not show Start Page when opening a completion through command line / shortcut Done
581 GetAngle method on well completion object Done Be able to call GetAngle on any depth
582 "Read Only By" follows to next revision Done
583 Formation in Symbol Extra Info column contains too much info. Remove ormation codetable description. Done Det ser ut som om comments fra Formation zone kodetabell kommer med i symbol extra info. Dette blir vel litt voldsomt. Hvis vi skal ha med en kommentar så bør det være kommentar som blir lagt inn i formation zone intervallet i completion attributes
585 Sort symbols from Top in "symbols" dropdown in Item properties - Detach Done When using the Detach functionality in Item properties, you have to choose a new symbol. When you click on the Symbol dropdown the symbol list starts from the bottom, and you have to scroll through a long list of "unusable" symbols before you get to the top where the generic symbols are found. The list should start from the Top.
587 Sketch Template: the "hidden" sketch points are calculated with too low precision Done
588 For symbol dropdown fields: no need to add "All Symbols" root item Done
589 New sketch views have wrong angle Done
590 Xml-tag for casingid in casingattribute renamed Done
592 Sketch text - line to element. Done Let the line to element connect to the middle part of the Sketch text area, instead of either on top or lower end.
593 Sketch - Space symbol should not be visible. Done
594 CSD should be able open a completion given the UWI as parameter Done
596 When changing sketch template, draw objects are not reset Done
597 Sketch template - hide casing attribute text Done To replace following workaround regarding Sketch Template texts: <CasingAttribute Name="Swell Packer" Visible="false">         <Pen Color="Blue" Thickness="0" />         <Brush Type="Hatch" HatchStyle="DiagonalCross" Transparency="0.55" ColorFore="Blue" ColorBack="DarkGray" /> </CasingAttribute>
598 Sketch Template - Hide text as default Done Sketch Template - Item text should not be shown if tag/element is not present. Example: The text for Casing Plug will show if the below code IS NOT there. It should be the other way around. <CasingAttribute Name="Casing Plug" Visible="true">         <Pen Color="Blue" Thickness="1" />         <Brush Type="Hatch" HatchStyle="DiagonalCross" Transparency="0.55" ColorFore="Blue" ColorBack="DarkGray" />        <Font Transparency="0.9" Name="Arial" Size="1" Style="" Color="Black" BgColor="null" />  </CasingAttribute>
601 PBTD MD_TOP set higher than Liner shoe. Done
602 Load survey points with bulk functionality Done
603 Run scripts better from SqlExecute dialog Done
606 Sketch text default views: Include Angle Done Include the Angle tag in the default Sketch texts for elements and casings.
607 GetPrevRevisionOpFinishDate Done Make a GetPrevRevisionOpFinishDate method available i Checklist. obe 2018.12.10: example of check list script: Function diff_operation_finish_date(wellCompletion) 'On Error Resume Next​ ​ ​ if ActiveDocument.ModeName <> "Plan" And ActiveWellbore.OperationFinishDate = #00.00.00# then​   diff_operation_finish_date = "Missing operation finish date"​ else ​   if ActiveWellbore.OperationFinishDate <> #00.00.00# And ActiveWellbore.OperationFinishDate < ActiveWellbore.PreviousRevisionOperationFinishDate Then​     diff_operation_finish_date = "Operation finish date less than for previous version"​   Else​     diff_operation_finish_date = ""​   end if​ End If​ ​ End Function
608 Sketch angle / deg as default text Done Default Sketch modes: Add angle (deg) at the end of the element and casing texts as default.
609 Add support for DWP external provider in CSD client Done
610 SketchTemplate: if a section ie InsertedEquipment is set to Visible=false, the text is still visible but can not be selected or moved Done
611 Sketch Template with scale "Element": bottom of well not according to survey Done